As the Year Goes by

Reading: Stalkerbook status updates, unhelpful digital camera user reviews

Watching; Mystery Science Theater 3000

Eating: Lindt dark chocolate with cherry and chili

Today’s prompt: Write something you like or appreciate about each month

January -Brand new year, new start, blah, blah, blah, there really is nothing I like about January.

February – It’s not January and, therefore, one step closer to spring.

March – St. Pat’s!

April – When winter really starts to come to an end around here.

May – Flowers, warmer weather

June – SUMMER!!!

July – Fourth of July barbeques, carnivals, other various fun

August – State Fair… I really do miss it hehe

September – Back to school…I know it happens in August now but it still gets associated with September in my mind.

October – Indian Summers, some certain indescribable quality of Autumn that has nothing to do with leaves or cooler weather or cozy sweaters…and definitely nothing to do with the smell of it in the air…. HALLOWEEN!

November – my birthday, December

December – Christmas and all that goes with it…. gift giving, cinnamon, cloves, Santa Claus, breads and cakes, parties…


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