No, it really IS all about ME.

Watching: CSI reruns, random Mike Faiola appearances on television, this:

Reading: the user manual for my new digital camera :D

Today’s prompt: Describe yourself, telling only the most random/obscure details.

I am 5’2.5″ with a 29.5″ inseam which makes me nearly half legs.

I have lived in Colorado all my life.  Colorado is one of a few places with supposedly no accent.  People with strong accents who want to be in show business are told to study the way people from Colorado (Kansas, New Mexico, Utah…) speak in order to learn how to speak without their accent.  People are always asking me where I’m from because, apparently, I have an accent.  Something Back-East-ish, but no one can ever figure out where.

When I’m just standing in one place for a long period of time, I tend to turn my feet out like a ballerina.

I have really high arches so I actually love wearing high heeled shoes.  They keep my arches from falling when I’m standing.

Certain words and phrases in today’s slang make me want to be really violent – messy and all over the place.  Including but not limited to: vacay, chillax, git ‘r dun, bling.

I use old slang a lot – swell, hip, hep, groovy, just to name a few.

I drink more iced tea than probably anything else.

I’ll drink just about any alcohol except tequila or gin.  Or 98% of beer/ale/stout/lager.

I have had a fascination with the Arthurian legends since I first saw the Sword in the Stone as a little kid.

It makes me kind of furious when people spell other people’s names wrong.  Not even just my own but anyone’s name.  And it’s worse when the name is written right in front of you and you still screw it up.

I develop (potentially unhealthy) attachments to inanimate objects.  The mere suggestion of giving away or selling my books sends me into a cold sweat and makes me twitch.

Anything else you want to know about me?  Please feel free to ask. :)


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