Agent Orange Skies

Drinking: Starbucks shaken iced black tea…venti :D

Today’s prompt: This: Specifically, the opening.

She stopped short in the doorway to the nursery.  Something wasn’t right.  In fact, although she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was, something was very, very wrong.

The mobile swayed gently in the breeze from the open window.  Martin, her five year old tabby, basked in the sun coming through it, his fat belly pointed skyward.  The new paint smell was beginning to dissipate and the room was beginning to feel like the perfect place for her baby.

But something was wrong.

She slowly crossed the room, checking little details along the way.  The crib was clean and decorated with jungle animals.  The changing table had the same furry friends danced across its top.  It felt so homey and warm but still the flesh on her arms was dotted with goose pimples.

She reached the new baby’s dresser and touched her grandmother’s music box that sat on top.  Something was very wrong.

Her brain commanded her hand to lift the lid; nothing is wrong.  It’s just a music box.  But her hand refused to comply.  For several long moments, she stood poised, one hand hovering above the antique box, the other resting unconsciously, protectively, on her swollen belly.

Finally, her hand returned the decision-making control back to her brain and lifted the lid on the box.

The girl inside began to twirl to the left.  The music began to play.  She listened, a sense of dread growing in her womb.

Something was very, very wrong.

The girl was twirling to the left.  Counter clockwise.  Opposite of the direction she had always turned.  And the music…

The music played backward.  The notes strained against themselves and against her senses.  Despite the sunlight pouring in the open window, a twilight blue had shrouded the room and despite the summer heat, her skin grew cold.

She picked Martin up off the floor, struggling to bend around the baby, who had begun to thrash wildly against the walls of the womb.  She ran from the room, locking the door behind her.  Behind the door, the music continued to play it’s backward melody.  Outside the room, the air was warm, the sun shone through the windows of other rooms, casting a peaceful glow.


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