Peace on Earth, Goodwill something something

Watching: Kill Hannah Seize the Days DVD, Prime Time TV Premier Week

Listening: Polar Moon demos

Today’s prompt: Do you think peace on earth is possible? Especially considering that recently the UN has adopted an international day of peace (Sept 21st) and that real progress has been made toward making peace?

I really don’t.  I love the idea of it but humans are predatory animals and territorial by instinct.

By “territory” I don’t necessarily mean just geographically. Religious fanatics fight over which interpretation of the Bible is correct.  Rappers fight over…everything.  Fraternity boys fight over sorority girls.

I’ve put “peace” in the same box in my mind as “anarchy.”  Pretty in theory but human nature won’t allow for it.

Until the day there are so many procreating “mixed race” couples that the only race left truly is the human race and until someone unequivocally and undeniably proves (or disproves) the existence of God/Allah/Buddah/Zeus, humans will have something to fight with one another about.  More wars over the millennia have been fought, more people have been killed in battle, or outright murdered, in the name of religion than  for any other reason .  Get rid of that lowest common denominator and there MIGHT be a chance.

But even without religion, there will still be race and gender and money.  There will still be class systems of one kind or another and educated versus uneducated.  There will always be something to divide the human race.  I would love to believe in world peace but I don’t think, instinctually, humans can allow it to happen.


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