Day 4 Favorite Horror Movie Soundtrack

Watching: Criminal Minds reruns

Reading: The House of….is this book never going to end?!?!?!

Drinking:  Tazo black iced tea yum

Listening: the Kill Hannah catalog, specifically New Heart for Christmas because apparently I’m a glutton for punishment.

Favorite horror movie soundtrack, hmm? Three stand out in my head without even really having to put any effort into it. The first is The Crow, second is Blair Witch 2: the Book of Shadows and the third is (also a sequel…hmmm) The Crow City of Angels.

For me it’s less about how the soundtrack fits with the movie (although a sucky soundtrack that distracts from the movie is no bueno) and more about can it stand on its own as a compilation album. Best songs from each? Burn – The Cure, Dragula – Rob Zombie, Naked Cousin – PJ Harvey (respectively).


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