Day 7 – Local Urban Legend

Watching: Wristcutters: A Lovestory

Listening: Kill Hannah….usually

See… I had a hand in making this list and I have nothing to say for this day. I can’t really think of anything for around here. There is an old mansion where I grew up that everyone said was haunted; that the people who lived there committed mass suicide and that after that every family who moved in had a tragic death. But it wasn’t really a legend; no adults I knew had ever heard the stories.

In the town where I went to college, everyone knows that the majority of the large Italian population is all there because that’s where they ended up when the FBI and Pinkertons were raiding Chicago trying to catch gangsters in the 40’s. It’s even called Little Chicago. But that’s not a very “Halloween-y” sort of legend.

Nor is the story that in the 70’s the CEA confiscated a Cessna full of marijuana at the local municipal airport and took it to the steel mill to burn it, subsequently getting the whole town stoned. *shrug*

Not much for Halloween but it’s all I’ve got. :/


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