Totally Self Indulgent Soundtrack of My Youth

Listening: Music of the 80’s and 90’s

Feeling: bloody cold goddamnit

So… I was listening to the radio tonight and A) it wasn’t sucking and B) it was taking me back to high school, and to a lesser extent middle and elementary school. So I decided to share some of that music with all of you happy people.

High School… driving around, windows rolled down, music blaring on the radio, singing at the tops of our lungs…. or gathered around the goal posts on the football field smoking pot and listening to music :D

Okay, I was 12, and therefore not in high school, when this song came out but it later became a pretty huge part of high school….The Cure, kind of in general.

And while I could keep this up for daaaaaays, I’ll end with this one:

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane….and if you didn’t, oh well, I did. :D


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