Days 11 and 12

Watching CSI:NY reruns “They all want to know when they can get back on the Good Ship Looney Tunes. Personally, I’d just throw them all in the shower and then lock them in the rubber room.” I love Flack!

Enough prelude…. On to the boring shit. I skipped yesterday because I don’t have any other October traditions and it didn’t do me any good to skip it. It now gets combined with an equally boring answer which is… probably ….candy corn. I really don’t have a least favorite Halloween candy, because I really don’t have a favorite Halloween candy. And now I’ve gone and given away the answer to tomorrow’s question so unless I think of something super awesome to say between now and then, I’ll see all of you lovely people on Thursday.

**EDIT** I want to amend my entry from Day 4 Favorite Horror Movie Soundtrack to include The Invisible….A) Because it’s AWESOME B) Because it has one of my favorite Death Cab for Cutie songs and one of my favorite 30 Seconds to Mars songs and C) the Kill Hannah cover of David Bowie’s Under Pressure. C, in reality, is reason enough.


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