Day 14 – Lovecraft or Poe

Watching: Family Ties reruns

Listening: Dashboard Confessional

My ex-idiot and I had several things in common. Music, humor, writing, and (the one important to this conversation) horror. But we didn’t agree on our horror. And after spending some time talking about it, we came to the conclusion that there really are two camps of avid horror fans, even if they don’t know it. Those who follow H. P. Lovecraft and those who follow Edgar Allen Poe.

Lovecraftians prefer stories about monsters, otherworldly creatures, and, probably, to a lesser extent zombies, werewolves, vampires, etc. Poeians (yeah, that didn’t work nearly as well) are more drawn to psychological horror and, what I call, human monsters.

There are rare folk (Stephen King, I would say is one) who don’t care to choose between the two. They enjoy the otherworldly creature feature and the psycho killers.

That was a lot of prelude just to say I am a Poeian but I felt it deserved some explanation. Plus…what’s the point of a blog writing game if all you do is post one word answers to all of the questions.

For a little added extra, just in case anyone wondered, my favorite Poe story is the Cask of Amontillado.


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