Day 16… the other half of Day 15

Listening: Setting Fires EP1, assorted Linkin Park and Dashboard Confessional…. what?!

Reading: His Dark Materials Book 1 The Golden Compass

Today is all about horror movies that everyone in the free world thinks are totally amazingly the best things ever and I would rather eat a napalm and broccoli sandwich than have to watch them ever again…

First and foremost because #7 is right around the corner and I’m having an internal battle over whether Sean Patrick Flanery (who I have loved since Powder) and Chester Bennington are worth the $8 ticket price (SOOOOOOOO not paying for the 3D version)… Numbers 1 through 6 on my list are Saw sequels 3 through 7.

Second (or 7th, as it were) Funny Games. Stephen King listed this as one of his favorite movies of 200….what was it? 2008? 2007? Whatever…. anyway, I think that head injury may have damaged more than we’ll ever truly understand because Funny Games blew big hairy spiders!

Beyond that, The Ring, The Grudge, every zombie movie ever made (sorry, Caroline… I just can’t like them), Friday the 13th et al, Child’s Play times 4 dozen sequels….

Can you tell I’m a bit picky about my horror?


One thought on “Day 16… the other half of Day 15

  1. Ok I have a confession to make. There was a time I was apathetic about zombie movies. I know… it’s shocking. I really got into to them when I had a friend who was afraid of them. Like paralyzing fear. So, when it was my turn to pick a movie I always picked zombie movies.

    I never said I was a nice person.

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