Against the Barricade

Watching: YouTube assorted live videos – Kill Hannah, Dashboard Confessional, AFI, 30 Seconds to Mars

Writing: a “why hasn’t Jim Butcher written Chicago rock into the Dresden Files yet?” fanfic starring Kill Hannah…. and by “writing” I mean “staring at blankly, wondering why it isn’t writing itself.”

Pretty much, I need a concert. It’s an escape, a release for me and I could really use one lately. So, since it doesn’t look like I’m going to get a show any time soon, I’ll have to settle for sharing this poem with all you lovely people.

It is an elite few
Who truly understand
General admission.
Standing room only.
On the floor
Against the barricade.
Packed in.
Proverbial sardines in a can.
Crushing force.
Thousands of others
Just like you
Pressing against you and you press back.
With reckless abandon.
Until you can’t sing another note.
Voice cracks.
Guitars scream, your ears ring.
Bruises form.
Friendships form
On the floor
Against the barricade.
In line for hours
Before the line has even begun.
Alone in line
Passionate devotees.
Sweltering heat.
Biting cold.
All to be first inside
On the floor
Against the barricade.

Have I mentioned I miss Def Poetry Jam? I don’t think I have but… I do. It was always inspiring.


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