Day 19 – Favorite Monster

Watching: Don’t Forget the Lyrics….playing along…and failing miserably. So much for the Human Jukebox.

Drinking: hot apple cider, wishing I had a little Captain in it…

So while I was preparing for this (and for tomorrow’s as well….yes, I prepare for these things in advance…WHAT?!) I realized that we have monsters but no heroes…. and just where would Caroline’s zombies be without Ash? Taking over the world, that’s where (This, boys and girls, is what is known as a recurring joke).

THEREFORE I am combining favorite movie/TV/book monsters with favorite blah blah blah heroes into one big blog (okay “big” might be an exaggeration).

On to the meat of this thing…


Michael Myers/The Shape – I know I have repeatedly expressed a distaste for slasher flicks. But the original first two Halloween movies are something far more sinister than just one more movie about “some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can’t act who is always running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door.” (Possibly the best thing about the whole Scream trilogy-that-is-no-longer-a-trilogy.) Michael Myers is a super creepy dude. If horror movie monsters scared me, he would be one of them.

The Strangers – Okay, apparently I have a thing for ambiguous masks. But seriously, how many female horror movie monsters can you name off the top of your head? And Carrie doesn’t count (Mrs. White, on the other hand….)…she was the victim, not the monster. Chris and Billy were the monsters…..

Randall Flagg – Technically, the R.F. character. Pay attention sometime. King has written several characters into his stories with the initials R.F. Mostly, it’s just a super cool plot device that he’s worked into his writing that a lot of people don’t recognize.

Satan – Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, whathaveyou…. Basically, I kind of really like religious themed horror movies, Bless the Child, End of Days, Constantine, Rosemary’s Baby, the Exorcist…et al. And who is the monster in those movies? So there you go.

And now for heroes….

Charlie McGee – Stephen King’s Firestarter. I loved the movie. Drew Barrymore was an awesome kid…kind of less so now but meh, whatever. BUT if you want the full effect, read the book. The movie and book are actually very similar but there is one tiny detail in the end of the book that makes all the difference.

Laurie Stroud – One cannot love Michael Myers and Halloween without admiring Laurie for her stick-to-it-iveness. Can they? I can’t, anyway.

The Darko siblings… – Seriously, both Donnie and Sam…. I can’t finish this thought because I have readers who haven’t seen one (or in some cases both) of the Donnie Darko Tales and I refuse to give away the ending(s). Sooooo both Donnie and Samantha come out heroes in the end. I’ll leave it there.

I think that about covers it. :)


One thought on “Day 19 – Favorite Monster

  1. Ya know, it’s kinda a funny thing that you mentioned Stephen King writing the initials R.F. into his stories. I have noticed this for year, ever since I was a kid. It always made me giggle cause when my parents were married (and aftr the divorce until she remarried) my mother’s initials were R.F. *raises eyebrows* We all know my thoughts and feelings about my mother, so I’m sure you see the irony in that interesting little tidbet. lol

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