Day 20 – Least Favorite Monster

Listening: Kill Hannah – Wake Up the Sleepers
Eating: homemade chocolate chip pan cookies
Drinking: Iced tea

I added “heroes” to yesterday’s entry but I’m not sure I have a least…. Oh wait, nevermind, I thought of one….on to today’s bit…

Paul (Michael Pitt, Funny Games) – Mostly because I thought this movie was the worst waste of time to ever find celluloid but also because he just wasn’t believable. I don’t know if that was due to bad writing (of which there was plenty) or bad acting but this guy really made me want to jab knitting needles in my eyeballs.

Jason Voorhees – As I have mentioned before, I don’t dig slasher flicks and Friday the 13th is probably the worst of all of them

Samara – Okay, it kind of hurts my heart to say this because otherwise I adore Daveigh Chase but nothing good came of The Ring. It was 2 horrible, nonsensical hours of my life I will never, ever get back.

And now for heroes…

Sidney Prescott – Okay, I get it, your mom was murdered. Your life became a media circus because of it. Your boyfriend is a closet psycho. But is that any reason to be a raging bitch?

Actually…she’s the only one I can think of.


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