Day 22 – Least Favorite Fall Foods

Watching: Without a Trace
Reading:The Raccoon Society
Listening: Dashboard Confessional…. kinda jonsing for the Chris Carrabba variety hour (AKA a DC headline show)

Lissa, who is also playing along with this game, expressed that she didn’t really understand what “Fall Foods” were. I must admit when we were coming up with this list, I asked Caroline the same question. After thinking about it, I put together that it’s pretty much all the foods I hate…or at the very least could go the rest of my life without ever eating again.

A lot of people put these foods under the heading of “comfort foods.” I have one “comfort food” – chicken and homemade noodles. All in something that is not quite gravy but no longer broth. I say this is my one true comfort food because I have several childhood memories of helping my mom make the noodles, some of those memories from when I was sick. And for me, chicken and noodles was a “Fall food” because it was always what I asked to have as my birthday dinner.

But beyond the chicken and noodles, I don’t go in for the standard comfort foods. Things like pot roast/roast beef, mashed potatoes, tomato soup, beef stew…these are what I think of when I think of “Fall foods,” and these are foods I could never eat again (well, maybe not tomato soup but I probably choose to eat it, say, “Hey, yanno what sounds really good?” once a year) Sure you can eat them at any time of the year but they associate themselves with Fall in my head. The same way fruit is Summer food and ham is Winter food. Because in the Summer, I get fresh local fruits, and ham is traditionally Christmas dinner.

So, I guess my answer to this question is “everyone else’s comfort foods.”


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