Day 23 – Favorite Stephen King book or movie

Listening: Kill Hannah concert standards at concert volume
Drinking: Dr. Pepper

In case anyone was wondering…. King was chosen for this game because he has probably the most extensive catalog of books, short stories and books and short stories that have been made into movies that everyone has probably seen at least one of….

With that out of the way…. Favorite book – Firestarter, favorite movie… I have no freaking clue! The Shawshank Redemption was amazing, and probably the one I’ve seen the most times. But I also loved Carrie, the Green Mile, the Stand, 1402, Secret Window, the Shining, IT… actually, I’ve probably seen IT more times than I’ve seen the Shawshank Redemption…. I don’t believe in you. This is battery acid, now you disappear. Yeah, I’ve seen IT a few times, but that doesn’t necessarily make it my favorite. The only thing I can truly say with any real conviction is that I kind of HATED Dreamcatcher… I don’t dig aliens and Timothy Olyphant buys it :(

As a side note, I’ve decided for the next month, through November 21, I will treat you to a random and delightful tidbit about Scorpios :D Basically, it’s a way of letting you all get to know a little more about me because as Scorpios go, I’m pretty text book.

Scorpios have a tendency to be very secretive. Not always in a negative way… a lot of the time it is done out of self-preservation; keeping what they (we) perceive to be a brilliant idea to ourselves until there’s little chance of someone else stealing it or not sharing said ideas for fear of rejection.

Being a writer AND a Scorpio makes me a real treat for any Arian looking for a challenge! I find myself torn between the writer’s compulsion to share every word that comes into my head with the entire world and the Scorpio need to keep it all safely locked away. HAHAHA


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