Day 24 – Favorite Horror Movie Actor/Actress

Eating: Homemade cream of beef and mushroom soup, pumpkin seeds
Drinking: water…. de-hy-dratedddddddd

Nancy Allen, Donald Pleasance, Jamie Lee Curtis, Linda Blair, Dee Wallace (with and without “Stone”)… all names made popular by roles in horror movies. But do I really have a favorite? I have favorite actors (Milo Ventimiglia and Jackson Rathbone) who have been in horror flicks… actually Jackson is making some serious strides toward joining the first list…S. Darko, Hurt, Dread, the Twilight saga…oh those were horrIBLE not horrOR…my mistake. Daveigh Chase was in both Donnie Darko Tales and The Ring and I really think she’s pretty cool but I wouldn’t call her a favorite…..

But actual horror movie stars, I don’t think I have a favorite.


Scorpios tend to be drawn to the weird things in life… paranormal, supernatural, occult. Probably something to do with Halloween *shrug*


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