29 and 30…. Almost finished :(

I really have no excuse for skipping yesterday, other than I just didn’t want to. It’s my blog. Deal with it.

Least favorite horror/paranormal fiction show on TV… The first thing that leaps to mind is Wolf Lake. Probably because I just don’t have a lot of interest in werewolves. They’ve never really interested me. I liked Underworld and I liked whichever American Werewolf in… movie starred Tom Everett Scott but….. Beyond that, I can live without them.

Also, even though I’ve never seen it, the Twilight Meets Gossip Girl theme of Vampire Diaries just totally turns me off.

Favorite Halloween game…. I cannot remember ever playing games ON Halloween. When I was a kid, we used to play Bloody Mary (or something…did the game actually have a name?) where you stand in front of the bathroom mirror with the lights off and say Bloody Mary three times and her face appears…. See: Candyman lol We never saw a face but there was always someone in the room who tried to scare everyone else (and, no, that wasn’t me).

As for the Scorpio tidbits…. I should try to keep it up until at least Tuesday (my birthday) but here’s the thing….

Scorpios are dark, brooding, secretive, passionate, creative, sexual, intense and spooky….We are the children born in the days leading up to and following Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, Devil’s Night, dia de los muertos, shorter days and longer nights, and the death and decay of nature and all of that darkness contributes to a true Scorpio’s personality…. Beyond that, anything I say from this point on will be rephrasing one or another of these points AGAIN…. so… I quit. :)


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