Last Day – Day 31 – Creepy Horror Movie Kids

Hands down, Miko John Hughes. Even when he wasn’t being creepy (Kindergarten Cop, Full House) he was still creepy! So creepy Stephen King used him half of the four times in the early 80’s when he needed a kid and that’s only because the kid in Cujo didn’t need to be creepy.


With Silent Hill, the Messengers, Seed and Case 39 (just to name a few) under her belt, Jodelle Ferland has earned a VERY close second.

Tomorrow is November 1 and that means two things…. First the self-inflicted torture of 1660 words a day in NaNoWriMo and I’ve also decided this year to add the National Blog Posters competition to my list of things to do.

The blog thing is simple, one text based blog a day for 30 days…simple right? So Caroline and I are searching for a 30 Days of meme to make the process a little easier. I’m thinking books…maybe…I guess we’ll see tonight at midnight.


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