NaNo Brainstorming Sesh…

Listening: music to inspire my novel…. Kill Hannah, Silversun Pickups, the Rasmus, She Wants Revenge, Emilie Autumn, Depeche Mode, AFI

Watching: the cursor blinkety blink in it’s taunting way

Drinking: white chocolate mocha at 1 in the morning….. good idea…..LOL Freaking awesome!

I’ve spent the majority of my day today listening to dark wave/pop industrial…. That ^ music and shopping here, and it’s kind of lead me in a direction for my NaNoWriMo novel…. here’s hoping something actually comes of it.

Aiden Westlo is my FMC….26-year-old steampunk, listens to that ^ music. Long hair which she keeps dyed various colors but usually violet purple and primarily wears in a messy “up-do.” Visual inspiration: Emilie Autumn.
Aiden lives in the Royal City of Lyropia, where humans are the majority but only by a small margin. They work and live and co-exist alongside vampires, lycans, dark and light sidhe and many other otherworldly creatures.

Malik is a high ranking vampire, a powerful representative in the government. When Aiden develops a desire to be changed to a vampire, she attaches herself to Malik and tries to convince him to sire her.

And… that’s about as far as I’ve gotten so far. *shrug* We’ll see what happens.


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