Screw it… I suck at titles.

Day 05 – A book or series you hate

Is it fair to say The Twilight Saga without ever cracking one of them? Here’s the thing. The movies didn’t suck… horribly. I even bought the first one. But a big part of their not sucking was Jasper and Alice.

So I think to myself… Ginny Weasley is my favorite character in the Harry Potter series but she’s kind of a twerp in the movies. Maybe I should run with that theory and read the Twilight books to get better acquainted with Jasper and Alice. I shared this theory with Caroline and she told me if that was the only reason I was going to start reading the books, don’t bother. They are more like cardboard cutouts in the books.

Apparently, character development is not one of Ms. Meyer’s strong points. However, from what I have heard, she doesn’t have a lot of strong points. *shrug*

And then there’s the part where now the world expects vampires to be soft and cuddly and sparkle and where the hell have all the Nosferatus gone? Vampires. Are. Undead. Bloodsuckers. They kill people willy nilly, they are basically immortal (you can cut off a vampire’s head and be pretty certain he’s not going to get back up and continue chasing you…thus, basically).

That said, the Twilight Saga is the first answer to this question that immediately jumps to my mind. Even though I haven’t read them and don’t intend to…EVER. heh


One thought on “Screw it… I suck at titles.

  1. I will allow you to say its your most hated book. I, personally, don’t think anyone else should have to read it… or want to read it.

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