Day 7 – All About the Plot Device…

I had kind of intended to swap ends of the day with my postings… I was doing them just after midnight but then I had to wait until after midnight to post because of NaBloPoMo otherwise I’d get to the end of the month and have to throw in one last bullshit post because somewhere along the way I did Day 10 and Day 11 on the same day…

But I’m waiting on laundry and the answer to this question is fresh in my brain so I’ll go ahead and post it now. Schedule change to come Monday.

Day 07 – Least favorite plot device employed by way too many books you actually enjoyed otherwise…

I think the thing I see a lot, so much so that I iron my hands as punishment when I even consider using it in my own writing (totally off subject but do you think it’s possible for me to slip some kind of Harry Potter reference into every post from now until the 19th? Only time will tell), is moving to a new town/starting a new school/job.

Let’s go down the list (be it for the good or bad, just based on what pops into my head):

Harry Potter – new school, new world (of Wizardry)
Twilight – Bella moving to Forks.
Neverwhere – Even though it’s not an immediate part of the plot, we are reminded several times that Richard recently relocated from Scotland to London and is, subsequently, not as familiar with the city as he could be.
The Chronicles of Narnia, specifically The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – the Pevensies spending the summer with an uncle they hardly know.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Charlie starts high school.

Actually, now that I’ve started I can think of more movies that employ this device than I can books, although I’m sure at least a few of the movies were based on a book at some point in the story. But, basically, I think that’s my least favorite. It just seems like such a cop-out way of introducing an initial (albeit, usually, minor) conflict…to me, anyway.


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