You See…. Here’s the Thing…

Day 10 – A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving

I cannot for the life of me think of an answer for this question. I cannot think of anything that would make me read a book I didn’t think I was going to like. Not even college literature classes…which probably explains why I never know any of the literature questions on Jeopardy… I’ve read plenty I thought I would love and ended up hating but that’s a different blog for a different day.

The closest would probably be … any of Toni Morrison’s books. My Senior Seminar class in college was on her/her books and I dreaded it before hand. I didn’t love any of the books but when it was all over, I didn’t hate them either and have even recommended them to a few people. Just because I didn’t love them doesn’t mean other people won’t.


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