Favorite Romantic Relationship…


Went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 1 today and so naturally my first instinct is to say Harry and Ginny but really it’s just because Harry’s the hero, Ginny’s my favorite and she’s loved him since the first time she saw him and they just should be together.


That’s it. There’s nothing Earth-movingly romantic about them. It’s just… right.

However there is a couple in my addiction series that … Breaks my heart every time she enters the scene.

Okay, so here’s the thing. Thomas Raith is an incubus. He feeds on emotions, the stronger the better. The only emotion he can’t feed on (and by “can’t” I mean it causes blistering burns) is true love. And he loves Justine. And Justine loves him. Which means they can’t be together but when they do sneak moments, they can’t touch flesh to flesh. Which means no kissing, no… anything else. They have to both be completely covered. But they love each other so much that they still sneak visits.

On the plus side it means none of the other White Court vampires can feed on her either. But it still makes me sad for Thomas. And for Justine.


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