Twofer Tues… Wednesday

A few years ago, I was walking home from the grocery store a few blocks from my house and found a deck of playing cards lying in the middle of the sidewalk. I picked them up, dropped them in my grocery bag and immediately regretted it.

What if they were bait? What if someone had put them there with the intent of murdering or kidnapping whoever picked them up?

I pretty much put the thought aside until yesterday, I was walking along a different street and bent down to tie my shoe. It all came back to me in that moment and I thought… That may possibly be the perfect way to be a serial killer.

Why not write it into a story?! So I think I may actually have a story idea to churn on. Where were you 25 days ago when I was searching for something to NaNo about!?!? (And on the NaNo front, if anyone was curious, I gave it the hell up…F that 1667 words a day noise…blah)


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