Day 5 – Something You Hope to Do in Your Life

There are a lot of answers to this question but I think I can sum it all up with “travel.”

I’m not much of a tourist, I prefer to live wherever I go rather than merely visit. Even if I’m only there for a long weekend, I still want to go to the places the locals go, do the things the locals do. I know people who have lived in NYC their whole lives and never been to Ellis Island. Or people who live in Florida and never been to Disney World. Those are the people I want to fit in with. Not that I wouldn’t want to visit the Statue of Liberty but the “sites” on my list are more like Tom’s Restaurant (the inspiration for Suzanne Vega’s song Tom’s Diner and the filming locale for Seinfeld’s Monk’s Diner).

Places I want to visit: Ireland, Greece, all those cities artistic people are expected to visit (New York, Chicago [hoping to get both of those accomplished in 2011], Boston, London, Paris, et al), Orlando…specifically, Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter :D, New Orleans… All of this, in a perfect world, culminates with me moving somewhere grand and amazing (right now I’ve got my sights on Austin, TX, the only place I’ve ever felt truly at home, but it could change if I get the same feeling in one of those other cities).

It may sound a little odd, like maybe my priorities are a bit skewed, but I want to live in a city where I can say, “I’m bored, let’s see which band is playing where tonight,” and have some kind of variation in the answers. Yes, I plan my life around a concert schedule… there are worse things I could focus on.


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