Nothing to say

I skipped this yesterday because I really had no answer to the question: Day 17 A book you’ve read that changed your views on something. So I put it off to combine with today which is:

Day 18 Your views on gay marriage.

My view on same sex marriage is basically the same as my view on any marriage. Who a person chooses to marry should be no one’s business but their own. The only people who should be involved in that decision, in the end, ultimately, are the couple. This is the person I have to spend the rest of my life with, see every single day, go to bed with every single night, fight with, eat with, play with, raise children with, love (and sometimes love a little less). My mother, father, sister, Priest, or Governor shouldn’t have anything to say regarding my choice in partner (okay, so my Sisters’ opinions will totally affect my decision; they are my Sisters because they are also my best friends).

But it’s more than that. Without a marriage certificate, same sex couples are denied some of the most basic securities and privileges in life. They can’t file taxes as a couple, they can’t get family rates at the country club (I really have no idea, I’m just looking for some examples of things married people can do….) But the biggest one, I think is they are not legally considered one another’s next of kin in the event of an accident. Tom and Shannon have discussed their wishes for life support and organ donation and whatever, at great length. Tom knows exactly what Shannon would want in the event of a horrible accident. Shannon’s mother wants something completely different.

Shannon Marie’s husband Tom gets to make the final decisions. Shannon James’ life partner Tom has to defer to the mother because Shannon James hadn’t had a chance to write a living will making Tom his power of attorney.

As for the belief that same sex marriages are an “abomination” and they “destroy the sanctity of marriage…” What about Britney Spears’ 11-hour Vegas marriage/divorce? What about Tiger Woods’ multiple affairs? And you’re telling me a lesbian couple who have been together, without the legal benefit of marriage, for 65 years, a number becoming less and less common among heterosexual couples, is destructive?


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