Story Idea – The Verve Pipe – The Freshmen

Okay, so I read the comments on this video and in them there is a slightly different story than the one I’ve always interpreted from the song. But my idea, for a long time now, actually, is to write my own “version” of the story that I hear in this song.

It’s pretty sad, the story I’ve always imagined. Horrible, actually. Not sure the details, exactly, but what I’ve put together so far is there was a party. Kegs, bonfire, maybe some pot, Ecstasy, you know, high school stuff (Really? Yes, really). The nerdy, outcast girl people only pretend to like because they pity her has showed up. She drinks, she loses her virginity to one of the jocks. He tells everyone at the party, they laugh, she goes home and commits suicide. You know, high school stuff. He feels responsible but everyone tells him he’s not.

Maybe I’ll start working on this next week while I’m home with nothing to do.


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