le sigh

Ran away from home for a few days and got a little behind on this here blog thing. The question then becomes do I catch up here or just pick it up day to day again?

The three I missed are pretty simple so I guess….I’ll play catch up.

Day 9 – Five things you want to see change

1. Racism … With our insides spilling out on the autopsy table, we all look the same to the medical examiner. Some of us just have better tans.
2. Religion … I know everyone needs something to believe in, something/someone to guide them, something to hold on to but more people have died/been murdered/more wars have been fought in the name of religion than any other cause.
3. Bullying … I have no idea how to make this stop/change but I’d entertain thoughts.
4. … nope, I really can’t think of two more. I think I’m kind of not feeling this one today. Maybe I’ll come back to it when I’m feeling more passionate.

Day 10 – A dream you had this week

It also says “describe in detail” but … nope. I am working on a GIGANTIC gift for a very special person and I don’t plan on telling said person I was the brains behind it. However, I have two little birdies who refuse to lie if asked a direct question…or if asked an indirect question… or even if the topic doesn’t come up at all, they have said they might just let it slip. ANYWHO… in this dream, VSP did a little of their own detective work and found my phone number on my Facebook (which is not terribly difficult; if you are my friend, which VSP is, it’s right there in plain sight) and called to thank me. And we talked … and talked and talked. And that was pretty much the gist of it. The important parts anyway.

Day 11 – Favorite picture ever taken of yourself

Mat Devine and me
So… kind of weird because I kind of really hate the way I look but I get a lot of compliments on this picture for some reason and it was taken on a pretty amazing night so even though I look like a freak, it’s at least one of my favorites.


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