more with the boring…

Day 12 Your favorite musical artist’s life story

This is one of those “questions” that really needs inflection to make sense. The person I swiped this from interpreted it to mean “favorite biopic movie about a musical artist” so I’ll go with that too. Much less tedious than “the life story of your favorite musical artist” and much less creepy than “favorite life story of a musical artist.”

AAAAAAND with that babbling out of the way, Control. Based on the book Touching From a Distance: Ian Curtis and Joy Division by Deborah Curtis (which is on my near future reading list). Fabulous music… Sam Riley and Joe Anderson did amazing work with the JD covers… and the story is so heartbreaking. A lot of it is about Ian and Deborah’s marriage and struggles therein but given it was written from her point of view, that makes sense.

Anyway…. to add a little substance to this day… My favorite Joy Division song from the movie:


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