I’ll Be Brave Tonight Either Live or Die

Day 15 – A moment or phrase or song that has changed your life the most

Here we are again, discussing that dark place in my life where I found the most amazing people…

My favorite band, the band I talk about so much people who aren’t “in the loop” get really sick of it (or cave in and listen, which is the intended goal!), the band that saved my life, Kill Hannah, has a song called The Songs that Saved My Life (which is where we “believers” get that term, obviously) and my “song that saved my life” is Kennedy. I don’t remember where or how I first heard it. I’m about 90…80% sure I was browsing music on MySpace back when you could still browse for music on MySpace before they went all crazy and redecorated everything. I’m still not sure because when I was doing that I was mostly looking at unsigned or indie artists, not major label artists and since they were on Atlantic at that time… But that’s the best I can come up with for a “how I found Kill Hannah” story.

I have no real explanation for why Kennedy had such a profound effect on me, I’m just glad it did. I spent literally months planning out my tribute tattoo and for the longest time couldn’t figure out how to tie Kennedy into it. Now that I have one (based on the song Crazy Angel) I have plans for two more, having made my decision on Kennedy and it’s going to have something to do with the line “I’ll be brave tonight, either live or die.”


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