To Be or Not To Be

Day 17 – Something you want to be remembered for

Yanno… here’s the thing. I want to write novels and sell millions and millions of copies and make millions of dollars off of them but I absolutely don’t want to be canonized. I don’t want college students fifty or a hundred or four hundred years after I’m dead sitting around discussing what I meant in my stories. I’ll give you the answer right now. There is no hidden meaning. Nothing I write should be psychoanalyzed. It’s all there for entertainment purposes only and to be taken at face value. If I ever get my female serial killer off the ground, it’s not going to be because I have an eating disorder or because I have an Electra complex or any thing outrageous like that. It’s because only 3% of all documented serial killers have been women and I think it would be an awesome topic to tackle. The. End.

Yeah… kind of didn’t answer the question but it’s what you get.

Day 18 – A picture that makes you feel

Feel what? I could probably post a dozen …. a picture that makes me feel happy, angry, hungry, sad, ummmm hot *whistles and looks around* So…until you can be more specific, I’m going to have to pass on this one.


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