Bittersweet Surrender

Hmmmm I like that…Maybe I should start titling these things with song titles or lyrics. Something to think about….

Day 27 – A moment you remember being completely happy and a description of why you believe you were.

It’s nearly impossible for me to choose just one but here’s the first thing that popped into my mind.

My ex (for purposes of a blog about “happy” I’ll leave off the rest of that) was all stupid happy about his friend moving from Corpus Christi to Austin to be with the rest of the group and I joked that he wasn’t nearly has happy about me moving there. This discussion went on for about a week until his mother called me to assure me that he was just as excited about us moving in together as he was about his friend moving closer but the latter was just happening sooner.

It’s the little things but at that point I hadn’t even met his family and here’s his mom calling me to make me feel better (when I really wasn’t upset in the first place, just giving him a hard time). There were a lot of things in our relationship that made me realize that I was, in fact, happy with him but that’s one that really stands out for me.


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