Life Paths

So, I was listening to the radio today and in kind of a strange mix I heard Paramore’s Misery Business and Pearl Jam’s Better Man one right after another. And it kind of made me think of my Kill Hannah family and the paths we’ve all taken through life.

There are some of us who have … Be kind, rewind. Most of us have something in our musical library that is totally out of left field. In mine, I think it’s probably Christian Kane and Gillian Welch. There are metal heads, one gal loves the BeeGees, another has Bieber Fever, but for the most part we seem to have all taken the same paths.

And not just musically. We all like the same movies (I discovered after posting the final scene of Swing Kids on my Facebook the other day and getting an “I love this movie” response from one of my KH Sisters). We all went through a lot of the same experiences in high school/middle school/college. Maybe not exactly but similar. We’re all art freaks, in some way. I’m a writer and indie publisher (although that does imply that I publish more than just my own mad rantings). We are musicians and painters and graphic designers and poets and film students and photographers. But we’re all creative in some way.

I think it’s kind of interesting to think that we are all so alike, from so many walks of life, so many corners of the globe, so many hundreds of miles apart. It might make an interesting study…sociologically… but I have no idea where to even begin with something like that.

I wonder if devotees of other bands are like that. If you were to talk to fans of other bands about their lives up to this point would you find out that they all followed along similar paths to get to where they are today? Or is this, this similarity we share what makes the Kill Hannah family the almost-creepy-close-knit thing that it is? What makes me call a girl in Norway who I’ve never met in person, maybe never will, Sister, and mean it absolutely.


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