Another 30 days…

Wow… I’ve been away from this here blog thing for so long, it wasn’t even in my browser tabs anymore… Whoops.

Anyway, I found a new 30 days thingy that, for the most part, looked interesting although I’m going to have to think of some different questions for a couple of them because they don’t apply to me.

I’m going to try to slip in a few of them tonight so that I can be closer to on track to finish it by the end of the month. We’ll see what happens.

Day 1 – Your middle name and how you feel about it

Kind of an arbitrary question, really. I feel like it’s mine and what difference would it make if I hated it? The truth is, I don’t hate it. I wish it were my first name. My first and last names, the ones people know me by, are harsh and … Too many hard consonants, not enough soft ones (and by not enough, I mean there is one). Not that Gabrielle doesn’t have hard consonants too but it has that feminine sounding “elle” ending.

Day 2 – Talk about your piercings and tattoos

I have pierced the cartilage in my left ear, right tragis (that little flap of cartilage in the front of you ear), lip and naval. Four tattoos. An elf on my lower back, left side, which is probably, some day, when I find wings I like, going to become a faerie since everyone thinks she is anyway. A purple Celtic knot entwined with a green white and orange striped (Irish flag) Scorpio rune (the one that looks like an M with a tail) between my shoulders. A super complicated illustration of lost love on my right hip underlined with the words “Through our bleeding, we are one” translated into Gaelic. And on my right calf my personal visual interpretation of the Kill Hannah lyric “As your wings discard their feathers on the ground, I see a halo up above you.” I have two more Kill Hannah tattoos in the works (for my other two favorite songs, Why I have My Grandma’s Sad Eyes and Kennedy, plus a sorority tattoo that is being designed around a Kill Hannah lyric from a fourth song, The Chase, “We’re the Phoenix above the flames.”

Day 3 – Favorite Television program

I really like crime fighter dramas. Not cop dramas, those are totally different. Those are shows like Hill Street Blues that were more about the drama and less about the police work/crime fighting. I love CSI and CSI:NY…I’d like CSI:Miami if David Caruso didn’t creep me out. I love Criminal Minds, Bones…getting into Hawaii Five-0 and not just because Alex O’Laughlin is delightfully yummy and shows off his tattoos a lot. And the Chicago Code.

Day 4 is “write about your closest friend(s)” so I think I’ll leave that one for it’s own entry.


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