*le sigh*

Well that worked out better than I could have ever hoped…. *rolls eyes*

Day 4 – Write about your closest friends

I think I slacked off because I didn’t want to answer this… not because it’s uncomfortable or whatever but because I’m not really sure what to say…

I have three families. My biological family which … is actually the most distant of the three. The other two are my sorority sisters and Kill Hannah family. They really do make up the bulk of my closest friends. I have a handful of friends outside of these two groups but I find that I am no longer close to them like I once was. But these two other families… there are a few of them without whom I don’t know what I would do some days. They keep me from falling apart, going crazy, killing random strangers :) They love me, I love them, we’d do anything for one another.

And the rest of my catching up will have to be done later… I’m so not feeling this right now.


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