More with the catching up….

I think I can catch up to today because these are pretty much all short answer questions…

Day 5 – Three favorite colors: Purple, lavender, orchid… HAHA Just kidding. Purple and probably dark grey and hot pink *shrug* All colors have a purpose in the world.

Day 6 – Favorite season and why: Summer. And why not… I hate being cold, I hate shoes, there is less laundry in the summer, I love fruits and ice cream and the sun, the days are longer, the nights are warmer… ummmmm

Day 7 was about tumblr and seeing how I don’t have one and don’t quite understand the point of it…. on to Day 8 – Are you a fitness guru or couch potato? A little of both…. Probably more couch potato as I kind of really hate participating in organized sports. I would run but there’s nowhere close to run that isn’t concrete or asphalt and running on concrete and asphalt hurts my shins….

Day 9 – Favorite Meme: I had a lot of fun with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer meme. And of course anything that has anything to do with music…

Day 10 – Talk about your pets: I have a cat and a half. We have three, one is mine, one is Mom’s and one is Mom’s cat’s cat *shrug* My kitty is a grey long haired level 2 (they actually called it something else but that’s all I can think of) Scottish Fold named Sassy and she is, indeed, sassy.

Day 11 – Top three favorite bands: Kill Hannah is easy… and then it gets tricky. I guess AFI and Dashboard Confessional, they seem to be the largest portion of my musical library and the highest ranked on my profile (

Day 12 – Thoughts and opinions on Harry Potter: I think Rowling did an amazing job of creating a very believable world where people really want to visit (or live). I think that it was awesome that these books got people to read, especially kids. There was a period where reading for pleasure was “dumb” or “lame” or “nerdy” but then Harry Potter came along and people read them and people carried them with them. And I think the Fundies who freaked out about it teaching kids how to practice witchcraft were way overthinking and overreacting and I have to wonder if any of those people read the books before having a fit over them.

Day 13 – Thoughts and opinions on Mean Girls: Never seen it, probably will never seen it unless it shows up at a movie night thing somewhere. Therefore, no thoughts or opinions. :D


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