May Meme – Day 1 – Love

“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

I think I’ve tried tackling this subject before and abandoned it. Love. What is love? I love my sorority sisters, I love my Kill Hannah Kollective family, I love my family…mostly, I guess. Don’t like a lot of them but I guess love… I love music, I love reading, I love summer, I love cats, coffee, movies…

But what does all of that mean? What makes us choose the word “love” over the word “like”?

This blog is about take a detour… I just found out a very special person is selling a very special possession and I quite literally felt my heart drop out of my chest. I can’t even imagine parting with something that means so much to you. I don’t have any of those things… I write, I can find a pencil and a notebook anywhere. My computer is my door to the outside world, it is the way I connect to my friends but I could find other ways. But something like what he is selling… I am completely broken hearted.

I guess that’s the best you are going to get on the subject of “love” today. It’s taken me four hours to get this far.


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