May Meme – Day 4

Today, in lieu of a quote, I give you… The Who!

The subject for today’s post is my generation (as if the song didn’t give it away…)

Here’s the thing. I think my generation kind of got the short end of the stick. Not that I’m using that as an excuse for my situation. I am a product of my own undoing.

But really, folks… Our parents were faced with a world where the economy sucked but if you could get into college there was a whole different world available to you than if you didn’t. The computer age alone made the 20-somethings of the 80’s into the billionaires of the 90’s. The children of the 1980’s 20-somethings, however, were fed this same potential. Go to college and the world is your oyster. Don’t go to college and you will be faced with the life of a janitor in a high school.

So we all went to college. For one generation of Americans there were six, maybe seven, eight at the most years of school to get through before starting a family. Then eight became thirteen and now thirteen has become seventeen or eighteen and not completing seventeen years of schooling puts you in the minority. Bachelor’s degrees have become a dime a dozen…to really have a leg up on the competition, people my age need at least a Master’s degree, Doctorate is better… How long will it be before they invent a new degree and the Bachelor’s becomes the new standard diploma?

It’s not just the educational system. My generation – including those who have come in on the tail end of it, and the current, born in the 90’s generation – are faced with the digital age. I just read an interview with an amazing guitarist/artist (and super swell fella at that – read it here) where he talks about this… we live in a world where anyone with a little bit of internet know-how can make music or publish a book (shhhhh, don’t speak) and there is no longer anyone governing the creation of these things.

BUT just because you can make new and innovative music with your laptop or write the “Great American Novel” doesn’t mean anyone is going to buy it… While musicians and writers (painters, fashion designers, dancers) may have the drive and passion to create something unique and beautiful and amazing, if it doesn’t fit into the molds of consumerism, said artist is going to have to bust their ass to do anything but starve. But at the same time, without those artists with the passion to starve, we wouldn’t have jazz or rock and roll or hip hop or trance…. What will be the next musical genre to come out of the creativity of my generation or the upcoming one?

I’d really like to end this with a clever allusion to Townsend smashing his guitar but I can’t find it sooo I guess this concludes today’s broadcast. I leave you with a basically irrelevant picture which I have hanging on the wall of my bedroom and which my mother finds disturbing.

Taken from Rolling Stone magazine


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