May Meme – Day 8

“…To find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing.” Baltasar Gracin

Let me tell you ’bout my best friend….

I apparently have four of them. What separates “friend” from “best friend”? I have a list, which I may post, of tongue-in-cheek ways to tell the difference and a lot of them really do apply but in the mean time…

For me, the difference between a friend and a best friend is the best friend is the first person you tell when the good things happen, the first person whose solace you seek when the bad things happen. They are the person you want to be there with you when you do anything and you are sad when they can’t be.

That’s really it. I was going to say all these heartfelt, meaningful, sappy things to my best girls but A) They all know them already and B) They’re not that kind of girls (no, really, I do think that’s proper…). So… To Heather Joy, Kelsey Ann, Caroline and Lissa… thanks. You will always be my friends… you know too much.

The list:

Your friend will bail you out of jail. Your Best friend will be sitting beside you, saying, “Next time, masks.”

Your friend will fix you up on a blind date. Your Best friend will help you kidnap your crush and hold him hostage until the Stockholm Syndrome kicks in.

Your friend will free up an hour to meet you for coffee. Your Best friend knows four hours might not be enough.

Your friend will tell your ex he’s a sleaze ball. Your Best friend knows where you buried his body.

Your friend will never ask for anything to eat or drink. Your Best friend helps herself and is the reason you have no food.

Your friend is aware you have a family. Your Best friend calls your Mom “Mom” and bullies your siblings more than you do.


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