May Meme – Day 9

“Take care of the luxuries. The necessities will take care of themselves.” – Dorothy Parker

Yup. That’s pretty much all I had prepared for today’s entry about wants and needs. The quote was easy. I adore Dorothy Parker and this is one of my favorite quotes soooooo

I guess the moral of the story is you can have everything you ever need (According to Maslow, anyway… food and water, shelter, security) but if you want for things, if you exist without luxuries, your life is incomplete.

“Luxuries” are different things for different people. For me they are concerts, music (yeah, still just a luxury, no matter how important it is in my life), coffee… Okay, let’s rewind for a second. I think a lot about moving out and being on my own, having to pay rent and those things, and I wonder what I have now that I will be able to live without and what I can’t… I think the list of things I don’t want to try living without are concerts (and considering I prefer the cheap shows…), internet service, shrimp, good toilet paper, boneless skinless chicken breasts (good ones, not the cheap kind with all the veins and fat), going out to eat with friends…going out with friends in general. Not a lot of things but for example… if I had to choose between buying red meat and good toilet paper… There is a lot you can do to prepare chicken seven nights a week and not eat it the same way twice. HAHA That’s just saying… these are not the first things I’m going to sacrifice. I NEED food… but if I don’t buy what I WANT to eat, what’s the point?

Blah blah blah babble babble babble… maybe tomorrow will be more interesting.


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