May Meme – Day 14

It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances. – Oscar Wilde

You might have noticed I skipped a few days. Blog about “blogging”, please. Anyway, so today’s topic is Appearance.

I have tattoos. I have my lip pierced. I love these things. I will have had my labret for 8 years in July. To me it is just part of who I am, like piercing my ear lobes or wearing glasses. The flight attendant on the way to New York asked me if it hurt. I had to stop and really think about the question. Did what hurt? OH my lip…right… So I noticed she had pierced ears so I said less than that. *shrug*

I have recently started applying for a new job. But I have grown picky. I no longer want a job where I have to accept that some people don’t like my piercings. I have grown jaded, perhaps, and feel that it is such a common thing in our culture that the people who have a problem with it need to get over it. Maybe that’s the wrong attitude to have but I’d rather deal with someone who has visible tattoos and piercings than someone radiating such body odor (or “old lady” perfume, which may or may not be Chanel, I have yet to identify it absolutely) that it almost forms a visible cloud around them. But there’s nothing in the “dress code” about deodorant.

The point of that little analogy is you can’t please everyone. There is something about everyone that is going to offend someone so why discriminate against one person for being his/herself and not another. And in that same vein, exactly what point is there in being offended by something that is not affecting you? How does me jabbing a needle through my lip affect you? How does me having someone draw on me affect you? Your perfume offends me but you’re not going to stop wearing it because it makes me nauseous.

It kind of goes along with racism. How does it make your life any better to hate someone because of something about them you can’t change and they (probably) don’t want to change?

And I’ll end with a little slideshow of things about my appearance that bother other people. Enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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