Video Spammage

I’ve been doing a meme of sorts on Facebook. 50 days instead of 30 but it’s a music sharing thing so of course I’m playing along. Today’s … er… topic was a song with a great video. Oh em gee (remind me to slap myself for that later) just one?? Impossible (also… I can pronounce it in French all I want, it’s still spelled impossible).

So, I decided to bring the challenge here and share some videos I think are truly amazing. I’ve done this before so sorry if some of the videos are duplicates. I’ll try not to.

Full 9 minute version…deal with it. Also, does anyone know who’s the actress playing Francesca?

For me, the mark of a good music video is one that sticks with you. So many are little more than a theatrical concert performance. The band playing in the foreground with something …er, theatrical happening in the background. It’s when you can envision the video while the song is playing on the radio or in your headphones that you know you’ve found a great video.

Okay… there were more but I ran out of steam. That seems to be happening to me a lot lately :/


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