The Story Idea Post

Ordinarily, a writer should be cautious putting her idea out into the world, for fear someone else will think it is amazing and steal it out from under her nose. But since most of my ideas are little more than glimmers in the darkness, I don’t think there’s too much trouble of that. Not anymore than there would be if I kept them to myself. I mean… How hard is it to imagine some other writer somewhere in the world is chewing on a story about a female serial killer?

So, essentially, my brain is overflowing with ideas. They are choking me, drowning me and refuse to be brought to life on paper. Maybe putting them here will help. Probably not.

I already mentioned the female serial killer. I have yet to decide the POV on this one…should it be omniscient third person, should it be her story from her eyes? Basically, the statistics are very low. Something like 10, maybe 15% of all documented serial killers are women. My theory is that’s simply because they haven’t caught the others. :)

A malevolent child is another idea I’ve had for a while. There are two episodes of CSI… one with a child genius who kills her brother’s girlfriend, gets him to confess to protect her and then has him admit under oath that his confession was a lie. She appears later in the series too. Another is a little girl, six or so, who stabs and kills the weird cat lady with her pen because the woman wouldn’t let her have a cat. Both of these kids really intrigued me. How children are so pure and untainted that an evil child would be pure, untainted evil. Not Damien demon seed evil, but real human Patrick Bateman Norman Bates Michael Meyers evil, naturally violent and malevolent. Next step… to make it work on paper.

A ghost story. Yeah. That’s pretty much it. I just want to write a good, honest ghost story. One of those that is frightening and melancholic and beautiful at the same time. Something along the lines of Lady in White or Ghost Story (1981, Fred Astaire, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Melvyn Douglas, Patricia Neal). Not much to work with, right? Which is why we are where we are.

I guess that’s really it for goals. I have some other ideas stirring around in my head but those three have been taking up space, causing me to lose sleep, for literally years now.


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