Have the Courage to Fall

Today’s question is Which is worse: failing or never trying?

It’s a toss up. I’m not a person who takes kindly to failure. I hate setting out to do something and having that something not work out the way I thought it should.

But the opposite side of the coin is you never know until you try. I am trying to apply this to my life. I am the one who never tries anything unless I know I’ll be good at it. I never take any risks, never go out of my comfort zone. Except when I do I feel so great. I know I keep going back to this, and you’re probably sick of hearing about it, but I had an amazing time in New York City. Less than two weeks of planning, jumping on a plane and running away from everything for a few days was amazing. I’d love to have the freedom to be able to do that when ever I wanted to. I don’t know how often I would but it would be nice to be able to.


One thought on “Have the Courage to Fall

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