*Cue ‘Garfield and Friends’ Theme Music*

Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear. Mmhmm.

Tonight I was thinking about how my friendships have evolved. Not really sure what brought the thought to my mind but I realized that I have a tendency to join groups and make instant friends but then the more time I spend in said groups the less I like my first friends and the people I eventually grow the closest to are the ones who come along later.

I can’t really explain it but it seems to be the way I always remember it being. My sorority sisters, for example. I joined because two ladies gave me a huge welcome, were super impressed that I drew all the pictures in my alphabet book, showed it around the room, made me feel really awesome. I cannot stand to be in the same room with either one of them anymore. One, more than the other, but both really.

I tend to fall into the other friendships, the ones that become the really close ones. One day it’s idle chit chat and then we find ourselves the only two oddballs left at the party so we hang out and talk and those turn out to be some of the best, most revealing, talks ever, and pretty soon they’re on my list of people I can’t wait to share things with or who I know, if I say “this” I can expect them to come back with “that” without fail.

I’d name names but I’d probably forget someone. Suffice it to say, I have some amazing Sisters and I look back at some of them and marvel at our journeys. At how things evolved between us, how we came to be Sisters. Because the thing I’ve figured out with surrogate families is they’re a lot like biological families in that you are stuck with each other even though you adore this one but really don’t even like that one. But I find myself making a distinction… I have my Sisters and then I have my sorority sisters and my KHK sisters (and brothers) and when I leave off the qualifier, it’s usually for the ones I adore.

And this is beginning to look a lot like babbling so I’m going to stop here and let you get back to your lives.


One thought on “*Cue ‘Garfield and Friends’ Theme Music*

  1. Awww. Yeah, I totally know what you mean. The people that buddied up to me right away turned out to be pretty shady, and the people I thought were nuts turned out to be pretty awesome. :)

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