Summer Reading List

Or…yanno… whatever. This is probably nothing that will be of any interest to anyone but me… most likely not even that … but here is my list of books to be read.

American Psycho – Bret Easton Ellis – Have to admit. This has never really been one I was interested in. I pick a lot of my books based on the movie and for some reason this was one story I couldn’t see myself enjoying in book form. Don’t ask me why; it is what it is. But in my quest to climb outside my box that King built and find other books to read, it has crept quietly into my head and whispered “read me.” So… there it is.

The Ass Saw the Angel – Nick Cave – Nick Cave, ’nuff said.

Lyra’s Oxford – Philip Pullman – Not sure what this is, exactly. A prequel, sequel, tangent to the His Dark Materials trilogy but I enjoyed the trilogy so…

The Strain – Guillermo del Toro – Just waiting for him to finish the trilogy before I start it. I’m horribly impatient when it comes to series books.

Wicked – Gregory Maguire – This is a recommended book. To be perfectly honest, I am not terribly excited about it but a handful of friends have recommended it so I bought it. A year…maybe a year and a half ago. *shrug*

Paranormal State – Ryan Buell – I think this will be my next book when I’m finished with the one I’m working on. He fascinates me. He’s a true believer because he’s a survivor and I’m very interested in learning about that and how it lead him to start PRS.

The Mortal Instruments trilogy – Cassandra Clare – Funny thing about this set… I found them in Target one day. Had never heard of them, read the description, thought they looked interesting, filed them away for later. About a month or so after that, a whole gaggle of friends started talking about them.

Book 2 of the Nightside series – Simon R. Green – Another recommended book. Here’s what happened. Caroline really likes them. She sent me the first one for my birthday. I read it, liked the premise/concept but the noir writing style about drove me bonkers. She told me I didn’t need to keep reading but I will give book two a chance.

How to Make an American Quilt – Whitney Otto – I loved the movie. And I recently read The Secret Life of Bees and Fried Green Tomatoes, similiar-ish stories, and really enjoyed both of them so why not? Under the same heading, add Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kayson

My Toni Morrison collection…again and away from the read a novel in a week classroom setting.

I think that’s enough of a list for today. If you have any recommendations, leave them in the comments. It might be 2015 before I get to them but I’ll try to read them all.


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