Be Free. Be Wrong.

I was told, in jest…partly… that I should get the title of today’s rant tattooed on my hand…or somewhere I can see it all the time.

What happened was… Okay, so I’ve mentioned my influence/inspiration/object of intellectual worship, Mat Devine, once or twice on this silly thing. What I may not have mentioned is he runs a blog (through called the Raccoon Society, which is part tour diary, part musing over some really cool shit (usually…sometimes he makes me scratch my head), and part advice column, rock and roll style.

I found myself one day on the verge of tears because I couldn’t find interest in anything I tried to write… even the grocery list pissed me off. So I poured out a question to Mat, asking for anything he could find in that big brilliant brain of his to make this horrid feeling go away.

One thing he gave me… well the whole answer has been spinning around in my brain like a six year old in a twirly dress but the one bit that really stuck with me was this:

D. GET STUPID AGAIN. The best songs were written by innocent bands who had no idea what they were doing. Their subsequent work lacks charm and originality because they’d been “taught” the formulas of the craft: the modes, arrangements, melodies, keys, tempos. My hunch is that you know too much. Challenge yourself to look at the page and at language in a fresh way. Deconstruct and reconstruct. Be free. Be wrong.

Now we get to the part where I tell you I have taken the scenic route getting to my point. Something that has been … I don’t know if “bothering” is the proper word but…bothering me since he told me that is the fact that I do think too much about my writing.

Someone told me once that I have a great and unique sense of humor and I should try my hand at satire. So now I try too hard to be funny. Someone else told me that my poetry has a very beat-esque feel to it. So now I feel like sometimes I focus more on the rhythm of the poem than the message; trying to adhere to my beat/street poet style.

And that’s pretty much it. Like I said…taking the scenic route to get to a very small point.


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