New Stuff

Or maybe not. “Stuff” implies multiples… Basically, I just wanted to take a moment to shamelessly plug my own writing.

First, my first volume of short stories and poetry ([em]Living Through the Night[/em] (c) 2006) has been added to the iTunes iBookstore. I have, however, lost the direct link and subsequently discovered that “searching” iTunes is a bleeding nightmare. Or I’m just conducting my search from my seat on the short bus, either way I can’t find the dumb thing again. So if any of my (two) faithful readers have it handy, could you post it in the comments for me? Pleasekthanks.

Upon learning that, I decided maybe I should so some promo work for myself so I set up a Facebook “fan” page. Right now it’s mostly my friends; a couple of them have brought their friends, but hopefully it will grow into something … yanno, promotional.

The idea was if I create a following, and I can see all of their bright shining faces, maybe it will push me to create things for them to, ahem, follow. That’s the idea, anyway.

So that link is

I think that takes care of that for now. Until next time, readers…


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