New List

There are people who say I complain too much. I prefer to think of myself as a highly intelligent realist who understands there is a lot to complain about.

Don’t get me wrong. I see good things in the world. I love music and rarely find anything to complain about there (okay that’s a lie but I’m trying to be positive).

At any rate, I came up with a new list of things that irritate the holy crap out of me… Continue reading, or don’t, whatever. But if you do, you might find that these things annoy you too and I’m not just a negative Nancy.

** Oh versus zero. Seriously. The area code in Colorado is nine seven zero, not nine seven oh. If I were to dial nine seven oh, I’d end up paying $5.99 a minute to listen to a 300 pound man speak in his falsetto to make me think he’s Sexy Sally instead of Slovenly Sam (please say you followed that because I’m not explaining it). Zero is a number, oh is either and interjection or the 15th letter of the alphabet.

** People who ask questions about the movie (or television show) while you are both watching it for the first time… Really? You have seen as much of it as I have. Chill and learn as I learn or go sit with someone else.

** What is it about a person sitting alone in a corner, reading a book that leads other people to ask them…. well anything, frankly, but the most ridiculous questions:

Question 1 – What are you reading? Because the chances of you knowing anymore after I answer the question than you did before you asked it are insanely slim. There are hundreds of thousands of books in print at any given moment, nevermind those that are out-of-print or self published.

Question 2 – Good book?
Well, Wiz Kid…either I’ve just started it and have no answer for your question or I”m almost finished but I hated every word (although, joking aside, I have read a couple of HORRIBLE books cover to cover, just hoping they would get better).


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