I’ll probably catch crap for this but whatev. Lately, I feel invisible. I have a core group of friends who pay attention to everything I do, and that’s great. I appreciate them more than I can say.

But at the same time I feel like the rest of the world just looks past me, over, around, through. I have t-shirt designs up on – designs that I think are damned cute and would totally buy if they weren’t mine, designs my friends think are super cute too – but if you go through the gallery of all the submissions to where mine are, you see something amazing. Neither one has 10 votes after two weeks on the site (9 on one, 3 on the other) but the one before and the one after each have 20-30 votes. I just don’t know how that works when it’s set up to just click through the gallery and vote as you go.

Or my deviantArt account. I have pieces up on there with absolutely no pageviews. And none of the others have any significant numbers. Or the writing communities I am part of. They track pageviews too and I have pieces there with nothing.

So this isn’t emo girl feeling like no one cares. This is Invisible Girl wondering why the hell no one can see her. How do the things I write go completely unnoticed in a world full of other writers? How does my art go unnoticed etc etc ad infinitum? I just don’t get it.


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